Brittany Dawn James Gofundme (2024)

1. TikTok: Brittany Dawn's Controversy With Homeless Man - Distractify

  • 29 dec 2022 · Harriet discusses a GoFundMe campaign that Brittany began back in 2021 to raise money for James to receive treatment for his addiction at a ...

  • A TikTok reveals details on influencer Brittany Dawn's alleged scam involving a homeless man. It's the latest controversy in her troubled career.

2. Fundraiser by Brittany Dawn : New parents awaiting their newborn's ...

  • 6 aug 2020 · New parents awaiting their newborn's surgery · Donations (77) · Organizer · Words of support (3) · Your easy, powerful, and trusted home for help ...

  • As some of you may know, my brother Justin and his wife Sara ju… Brittany Dawn braucht deine Unterstützung für New parents awaiting their newborn’s surgery

3. Help Support Brittany & James After Their Loss - GoFundMe

4. Former Fitness Influencer Brittany Dawn Sued by Texas For Deceptive ...

  • 3 mrt 2023 · Another controversy arose when Davis and her husband raised funds for a homeless man named James on GoFundMe, though the original GoFundMe page ...

  • (Image via Staff Writer: Maya Arruda Email: Former fitness influencer Brittany Dawn (real name: Brittany Davis) is being sued by the state of Texas for deceptiv…

5. Influencer Brittany Dawn's Trial Is Finally Starting - BuzzFeed News

  • 4 mrt 2023 · The first is an allegation that Davis and Nelson raised $25,000 via a now-deleted GoFundme page to send a man named James with substance use ...

  • Customers accused the creator of selling them bogus fitness plans that negatively impacted their health.

6. Donate to Brittany Dawn Meeks Memorial Services - GoFundMe

  • You're supporting Brittany Dawn Meeks Memorial Services. Your donation will benefit Aisha Meeks. Enter your donation. $ USD .00. Tip GoFundMe services.

  • Brittany was such a beautiful spirit, she made friends everywhere she went and broug… Aisha Meeks needs your support for Brittany Dawn Meeks Memorial Services

7. Tag: brittany dawn - ARayOfDawn

  • Tag: brittany dawn. Faith Musings · Brittany Dawn Is (Seemingly) Still Being Scammy · Faith Musings · Brittany Dawn's Dog and The Perils of Oversharing.

  • Posts about brittany dawn written by Ray

8. Discover - GoFundMe

  • Browse fundraisers by category. People around the world are raising money for what they are passionate about. Start a GoFundMe ...

  • Discover fundraisers on GoFundMe.

9. Baby Avelyne - GoFundMe

  • 17 apr 2020 · James Leason Lunsford is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Brittany Lunsford. Donation protected. Baby Avelyne Dawn Lunsford turned 2 ...

  • Baby Avelyne Dawn Lunsford turned 2 weeks old today. Today, she would have awaken in her mother's l… James Leason Lunsford needs your support for Baby Avelyne

10. Brittany Dawn Is (Seemingly) Still Being Scammy - ARayOfDawn

  • 3 jan 2022 · Brit's husband, Jordan Nelson (disgraced cop fired for violently beating a man) began a GoFundMe for James (because Brittany's banned from the ...

  • Twas the night before Christmas. All was scammin’, all was lammin’. Just kidding. It’s 2022 and I’ve somehow managed to pry myself away from Sekiro long enough to remember I…

11. Brittany Dawn - Unsavory Podcast

  • 6 mrt 2023 · Brittany Dawn used her status as a social media influencer to ... GoFundMe where they raised $25k, which is amazing. James headed to a ...

  • Brittany Dawn used her status as a social media influencer to market her customized nutrition and fitness plans to thousands of consumers. The catch: they weren’t c…

Brittany Dawn James Gofundme (2024)
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