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  • Q: I installed the addon but it is not syncing my data to the site

    A: You need to run the client included in the addon package in order to upload collected data to our site.

  • Q: The addon is saying Price table is missing or the price information is very outdated

    A: Our client included in the addon package will be responsible for download/keep the price information up to date. The addon itself cannot function properly without the help of client.
    If the price table is still missing or out of date it might be due to lack of information to provide a useful price table.

  • Q: I want to help my guild by scan and upload all listings in my guild, is there a way to do that?

    A: Yes there is! By opening the guild store interface there should be a button on the bottom left corner called "Scan All Listings". Click that button will automatically scan and record all listings in the current guild which you would then be able to upload the data onto our site using the client. P.S. remember to /reloadui :)


  • Q: What's the requirement for the addon and client?

    A: The addon requires the running the client in order to function properly (details below). And you need .NET Framework 4.5+ for the client.
    If you do not have .NET Framework 4.5+ installed, you can either install it using Windows Update or download it directly from Microsoft site (

  • Q: Where can I find the client?

    A: The client is included as part of the addon. You can find it under Tamriel Trade Centre's addon folder\Client\Client.exe.
    The default location of addon's directory is Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns\

  • Q: What's the function of client?

    A: The addon will automatically collect and store all of your own guild listings as well as any items you found by using guild store search function. The client is responsible for syncing those data onto the site for other people to search and browse.

  • Q: I have run the provided client but it is still not uploading my data to the site

    A: Due to the limitation of ESO API, addon collected data is written to disk only when you /reloadui or logout. Which means the client can only see those data when you do so.
    So whenever you want your data to be sync to the site simply type in /reloadui in your chat box.

  • Q: Why is the client asking me to login?

    A: You would need an account for uploading your own guild listings to the site. You do NOT need one if you only wish to upload guild store search result to the site. If you don't want to upload your own guild listings to the site you can turn that off in Settings

  • Q: Windows is showing me a warning when I try to run Client.exe

    A: This is normal.
    Windows will show such warning for any application that is not in Microsoft's white list. Since it would cost a great amount of annual fee to make our application into that list and we just don't have that extra cash for this.
    If your anti-virus software is saying the file contains virus it must be a false positive.

  • Q: Why some listings shows the @name while some says Community?

    A: If the list is uploaded by the seller him/herself using the upload my own listing feature then the @name will show up. Listings reported by everyone else either by browsing thru the guild store or using the scan button will have "Community" as the uploader's name.

  • Q: Why does the console site has so much less data than the PC site?

    A: Console does not support addons and TTC cannot fetch data the same way as the PC version. So the console site is meant to be used as a trade forum with better UI and search functionality.


  • Q: I do not want to see ads can I disable them?

    A: Ads are crucial to keep the site alive. Disable ads option will only be available to site supporters.

  • Q: How can I become a site supporter to unlock the disable ads button?

    A: Every $2 donated will unlock the site supporter status for 31 days.
    You can find the donate button near the top/right or bottom of the site.
    As a gratitude to supporters before this program, you will receive 1 year in additional to what your donation equivalents to for free if you have donated ANY amount during 6/1/2021 - 5/19/2022

  • Q: How do I disable ads after I have became a site supporter?

    A: Simply register (or login to) an account using the same email address as the one you used for donation and you will have access to the disable ads button in your manage account page (by clicking your email on the top right corner of the site and choose manage). P.S. Please expect up to 2 days delay after you have made your payment.

  • Q: Does the donated amount accumulate?

    A: Yes. To make it simple every $1 you have donated will unlock the privilege for 15.5 days ($2 for 31)

  • Q: How can I cancel the subscription if I don't want it anymore?

    A: Simply unsubscribe from Paypal's monthly payment and you are good to go

  • Q: I am seeing some disturbing ads and I do not want to see them anymore. Is there a way to do that?

    A: Yes. Ads are all provided by Google Adsense and Google has provided a way to do so. Click on the triangle button on the top right of the ad and click 'Stop seeing this ad'.

  • Q: Why does the site still says I have adblocker on even after I turned it off?

    A: Adblocker is the most common tool for blocking ads but there can be many other extensions/applications that blocks ads.
    For instance FireFox's strict privacy mode has ad blocking functionality built in. You will have to switch to normal mode to allow ads thru
    First please try to clear your cache. Then disable all of your browser extensions or try another browser to see if that fixes the issue. If it does then try to enable extensions one by one to see which one is causing trouble.

    If problem persist please open up a command prompt (start -> type in cmd) and execute


    If ping failed then it is likely you have an app level ad blocker that is blocking ads by modifying host file or traffic routing.

    For host file please open up c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts and see if there is any line containing

    Removing those lines should fix the issue (you might want to make a backup before modifying that file just in case you made a mistake)

    If ping was successful please try to access in your browser and see if the script is accessible. If not then something in your browser is still blocking Google ads.

    Your end goal is to be able to see ads on TTC. If ads are not showing up then it means you still have not turned off every ad blocking extension/app.

  • Q: I do not want ads to track me. Can I do that?

    A: Yes. Google has provided a way to do that. Head to and turn ad personalization off on the Web tab.
    If you want to go one step further you can click on the opt out of more ads button and opt out from all participated ad networks.

Help Center - Tamriel Trade Centre (2024)
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