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Are You Interested in Running for Office?

Trisha Jacobs June 12, 2024

the Elections Division MADERA COUNTY–The November 5, 2024, Presidential General Election is quickly approaching and the Madera County Registrar of Voters has scheduled a workshop to help those interested in running for office. “We frequently receive calls from individuals who are interested in running for office,” explained Rebecca Martinez, Madera County’s long-time Registrar of Voters. She continues, “I know that ...

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SNO Staff May 22, 2024

OAKHURST—Local tourism spending in Madera County hit $430 million in 2023. This is according to new economic impact research released today by Visit California. Meanwhile, statewide travel spending fully recovered from the pandemic’s impacts. The annual report measuring the economic impact of tourism showed that travel spending in Madera County supported 4,850 local jobs. Tourismalso provided $38 million in local ...

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Unofficial Election Results Pending Final Counts

SNO Staff March 6, 2024

MADERA COUNTY–The voters of Madera County have submitted their ballots, and although all the votes have NOT been counted, the following are the totals as of 10:25pm PST, March 5, 2024. The next update to results will occur on Friday, March 8th by 5:00pm. The Madera County Elections Division is reporting that total voter turnout so far is 21.61%. This ...

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SNO Staff March 4, 2024

MADERA COUNTY–After consulting with Madera County Office of Emergency Services and the National Weather Service, the Madera County Registrar of Voters, Rebecca Martinez, is preparing for extreme weather in the Eastern Madera County areas that could interrupt voting over the weekend and week. “Voting by mail is still the most efficient, secure and safe way to vote,” explained Martinez. “In ...

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Voter Registration Deadline Coming Soon

SNO Staff February 13, 2024

MADERA COUNTY–Rebecca Martinez, County Clerk-Recorder and Registrar of Voters, announced today that in order to be eligible to vote in the March 5, 2024, Presidential Primary Election, persons must register to vote by Tuesday, February 20, 2024. To be eligible to register to vote at the Presidential Primary Election, you must be a United States Citizen. You must also live ...

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SNO Staff February 8, 2024

MADERA COUNTY—County Clerk-Recorder & Registrar of Voters Rebecca Martinezannounced today that all registered voters in the County of Madera have been sent their Official Ballots and County Voter Information Guides for the upcoming March 5, 2024, Presidential Primary Election in the mail. Ballots have been mailed to voters beginning February 5th. Allow 2-5 days for delivery. YOU CAN TRACK YOUR ...

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County Proposes New Evac Route

Judi Hussain January 31, 2024

OAKHURST—As part of his Town Hall series, District 5 Supervisor Robert Macaulay held a meeting at the Oakhurst Elementary School Multipurpose Room on January 22nd. He and other Madera County officials laid out plans for a potential evacuation route to serve the John West/Jean Road area of Oakhurst. The area is one of several in the eastern Madera County area ...

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Supervisor Macaulay Hosts End of the Year Meetings

SNO Staff October 26, 2023

MOUNTAIN COMMUNITIES –Please join Supervisor Macaulay who will be hosting the following town hall meetings prior to the end of the year as follows: Thursday, November 2, 2023 Topic of Discussion: Veterans Services This meeting will be held virtually from 6-8 p.m. and will include Madera County Veterans Services, VA Hospital and Caring Veterans speakers. Meeting ID: 840 0723 ...

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Why Do You Love Madera County? Show Us!

SNO Staff August 18, 2023

MADERA COUNTY —Do you have a knack for taking great photos? Do you enjoy taking pictures with your phone or camera? If the answer is yes, then this photo contest is for you. Selected photos will be viewed by over 156,000 Madera County residents. Photos should represent what makes Madera County great, such as landscapes, landmarks, or nature. Any Photographs ...

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Oakhurst Offers Enhanced Visitor Information Kiosk

SNO Staff August 9, 2023

Oakhurst Park & Ride Features NEW Visitor Information Kiosk and Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station OAKHURST– Visit Yosemite | Madera County, in collaboration with Madera County, is pleased to announce the completion of the enhanced Park & Ride services and Visitor Information Kiosk project located adjacent to the Oakhurst Library. This completed project offers visitors and residents a convenient solution ...

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