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  • You can view information regarding your patients' enrollment status and their needs by entering the member's ID number from their card and your federal tax ID number in the spaces below.

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  • Become part of a global network of more than 17000 hematologists working to conquer blood diseases. Join ASH and experience membership benefits that will ...

  • Become part of a global network of more than 17,000 hematologists working to conquer blood diseases. Join ASH and experience membership benefits that will support your professional development each step of the way.

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  • Looker Studio turns your data into informative dashboards and reports that are easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable.

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  • What makes the ashlink provider login legally binding? Because the world takes a step away from office working conditions, the completion of paperwork ...

  • Ashlink. Check out how easy it is to complete and eSign documents online using fillable templates and a powerful editor. Get everything done in minutes.

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  • Not all participating provider groups (PPGs) and ... Go to ASH now. Go to American Specialty Health now ... If you are provider please login to obtain results.

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  • January 26, 2023

14. Providers - Oscar Health Insurance

  • Our goal is to change the way providers and consumers interact with healthcare through technology, data, and design. Login to the Provider Portal.

  • More time with patients, not paperwork

15. Ash Brokerage: Insurance Solutions

  • We help all kinds of financial professionals find, understand and process insurance solutions to protect clients in every stage of life.

16. American Society of Hematology -

  • For Educators · As the world's leading provider of ... and ... This allows the visitor to login to a website ...

  • The world's largest professional society serving both clinicians and scientists around the world who are working to conquer blood diseases.

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  • Log in to your account as a homeowner, realtor or contractor and manage your service requests, payment information, and renewals from anywhere.

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  • Sign up for Cigna for Health Care Providers: a hcp portal login which provides the information tools, and resources you need to support the needs of your ...

  • Sign up for Cigna for Health Care Providers: a hcp portal login which provides the information tools, and resources you need to support the needs of your office.

19. ASH Fitness

  • More Members More Revenue. Participate in our fitness networks to access new members from health plans and employer groups across the country. Contact Us.

Ash Provider Login (2024)


What is ASHLink used for? ›

By using ASHLink®, you can streamline your office procedures by conducting your business electronically.

What kind of insurance is American Specialty Health? ›

American Specialty Health (ASH) provides chiropractic and acupuncture coverage for all SISC plans. Do You Need Your Medical ID Card? SISC Benefit - MDLIVE for Anthem Members - Virtual Care, Anywhere! Anthem Members - Travel Coverage in the U.S. & Around the Globe!

What is Ash Cigna? ›

ASH is delegated by Cigna Healthcare for network management, credentialing, contract administration, utilization. management, medical necessity review, and claims processing for individuals with Cigna Healthcare coverage.

What is the American Speciality health Group? ›

American Specialty Health provides health plans, employer groups, insurance carriers, and trust funds with a wide range of musculoskeletal, fitness and exercise, and health management programs to improve the health of their members or employees.

What is the MNR form? ›

Medical Necessity Review (MNR) is a process where certain services are reviewed (such as chiropractic care) to determine if they are necessary and will be covered by your plan.

What is the full form of ash in medical billing? ›

® American Specialty Health Incorporated (ASH), through its subsidiaries, contracts with a vast network of thousands of specialty health care practitioners to offer effective and efficient services to health plan members nationwide.

What is a specialty insurance provider? ›

Specialty insurance is designed to cover rare and/or expensive specialty items or events. There are specialty insurance carriers that cover leisure activities and travel for consumers. Others cover specialty items like boats, classic cars, jet skis, etc.

What is the cheapest healthcare insurance USA? ›

The cheapest health insurance companies for Bronze plans are Kaiser Permanente, Aetna and Ambetter. A Bronze plan is typically the most affordable health insurance with full medical benefits. The average cost of a Bronze plan for 2024 is $462 per month. These plans follow Affordable Care Act (ACA) guidelines.

What is the payer ID for Ash? ›

Active Payer List - Effective February 2021
ASH01American Specialty Health, Inc.Professional
ATHALAmerican Therapy Administrators, LLCProfessional Institutional
NMAAC1Americas Choice Health PlansProfessional Institutional
100767Americas Choice/EBAProfessional Institutional
23252AmeriHealth AdministratorsProfessional
45 more rows

What is Cigna now called? ›

KEY TAKEAWAYS. Cigna is rebranding its holding company's name to The Cigna Group, with subsidiary brands becoming Cigna Healthcare and Evernorth Health Services. The move comes on the heels of other payers like Anthem and Humana similarly rebranding or restructuring in 2022.

What is the old name for Cigna? ›

History. Cigna was formed by the 1982 merger of the Connecticut General Life Insurance Company (CG) and INA Corporation (the parent corporation of Insurance Company of North America, the first stock insurance company in America). The company name, Cigna, is a mix of letters from the merging companies, CG and INA.

What does ash stand for in medical terms? ›

A SYMMETRIC SEPTAL HYPERTROPHY (ASH) is a genetically-determined disorder of cardiac. muscle, transmitted as an autosomal dominant trait' and characterized by disproportionate hypertrophy of. the ventricular septum with respect to the left ven-

How big is American Specialty Health? ›

With offices in Carmel, Indiana (Indianapolis area); Fort Worth, Texas (Dallas area); and San Diego, California; ASH currently provides its programs for more than 57 million covered Americans; posted more than $607 million in 2021 revenues; and has more than 1,700 employees.

What companies are similar to American specialty health? ›

Top 6 American Specialty Health competitors
  • Tivity Health.
  • Sharecare.
  • Livongo.
  • Premise Health.
  • HealthPort.
  • Healthways.

Is Ushealth Group the same as UnitedHealthcare? ›

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a fully integrated insurance holding company based in Fort Worth, Texas, and is a UnitedHealthcare company.

What is America's health insurance called? ›

AHIP and our member health plans know how important it is that all Americans are able to achieve their highest level of health and well being.

What are specialty insurance programs? ›

Specialty insurance cover things like expensive and rare items. You can even have potential events covered. These events include sports, leisure activities, and other entertainment. You can also get travel insurance, coverage for ATVs, and antiques.

What type of insurance is Usfhp? ›

The US Family Health Plan (USFHP) is a TRICARE Prime option. You must be TRICARE-eligible to enroll and live in a USFHP service area.

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