Trump slams 'overrated' Bill Maher and says his show is dead (2024)

Donald Trump decried Bill Maher and his late night show Saturday, calling him 'overrated' and his long-running program a flop.

The comments came on the aspiring two-term president's Truth Social Account, hours after the progressive talking head took aim himself on Friday's airing of Real Time.

There, Maher accused Trump of colluding with Russia - something he said Joe Biden has stood against. He also accused Trump of attempting to overthrow the government - an allegation he said should have seen him put in jail instead of the ballot.

Trump, in turn, answered back - more than ten years after he sued the comedian for $5 million for joking that he was the son of an orangutan. That filing, within a couple of months, was withdrawn.

On Saturday, however, Trump reignited that old feud, fresh off his conviction inhis New York hush money case that Maher, while talking with disgraced Democrat Andrew Cuomo and Illinois' ex-Rep. Adam Kinzinger the day before, also mentioned.

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Donald Trump decried Bill Maher and his late night show Saturday, calling him 'overrated' and his long running program a flop

The comments came on the aspiring two-term president's Truth Social Account, hours after the progressive talking head took aim himself on Friday's airing of Real Time. A few weeks ago,joked that 'we've all been' imagining Trump being raped if he is sent to prison

'Bill Maher, the highly overrated "Star" of the ratings challenged show with the Fake, Loud and Obnoxious laughter pouring out of your set every few seconds, even when nothing was said that was funny (which is most of the time!), suffers from a terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome,' Trump, 78, wrote.

'Republicans should stop using him as a reference point, his show is dead!'

Hours before, Maher, 68, spoke not too fondly of the GOP's pick for president, painting him as a despot while engaging in a somewhat surprising defense of Biden, who he's previously panned as a not ideal candidate.

While doing so, he referenced a barrage of deceptively edited 'deep fake' videos lambasting the aging president, saying at a point, 'I mean, he may be number two in the polls, but he wasn’t pooping his pants.

In response to a clip showing the president appearing lost during the month's D-Day anniversary celebration, Maher proclaimed, 'Everybody's dancing and he’s not. Good! He shouldn’t be dancing! He’s 82! You look like an idiot when you try to dance.'

Then, as Cuomo and Maher discussed the New York hush money case against the ex-president and how it should not have been brought forth, Maher insisted Trump’s election interference cases should have taken precedence.

“If they had just heard the one about trying to overthrow the government of the United States. That’s the main thing! He tried to overthrow the government of the United States! And we’re never going to hear that,” Maher told the ex-New York governor.

The remarks, however, appeared to stem from vitriol aired by Maher and guests Andrew Cuomo and ex Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger, both of whom joined Maher in expressing their disapproval of Trump while on the air

'And good for you,' Cuomo responded, almost three years after resigning in disgrace following a barrage of sexual harassment allegations

Cuomo would then go on to gesture towards Kinzinger - the man who sat on the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 insurrection during his waning years in Congress- 'for January 6.'

A devout Republican, Kinzinger distanced himself from Trump following the events of that day, and did so again on Friday.

'This is what drives me nuts - is when the GOP say [Vladimir Putin] didn't invade [Ukraine] under [Trump],' the former rep said.

'It's Ronald Reagan that said, "We can have peace and we can have it tomorrow. Surrender.

'And that's what Donald Trump basically did,' he concluded, claiming the president pandered to aggressive countries to give 'these people everything they wanted.

'He went to North Korea and wrote about love letters with Kim Jong Un,' he continued of how the conservative has touted himself as more friendly with the infamous dictator than his Democrat replacement.

So, yeah, they're coming together,' he said of growing ties between countries like Russia and North Korea.

'But that's as a result of a stronger U.S. foreign policy.'

'Right,' Maher - who a few weeks joked on air aboutTrump being raped if he is ever sent to prison - replied.

The pair, seen here in 2004 at the Primetime Emmy Awards, previously sparred in court in 2013, when Maher categorized the old Apprentice star as the son of an orangutan

The panel of Cuomo andKinzinger appeared to also anger the Republican, though the former, at a point, appeared to suggest the hush money case against the former president in their home state of New York would never have been launched if he wasn’t running for another term.

However, moments before, Maher and Cuomo agreed American citizens still deserve to see Trump stand trial for 'trying to overthrow the government of the United States' - a reference to his still underway federal case for allegedly influencing the January 6 insurrection.

'If his name was not Donald Trump, and if he wasn’t running for President…I’m the former AG in New York—I’m telling you that case would have never been brought…' Trump later quoted Cuomo as saying in another post to Truth Social, where he left out the earlier declaration.

Maher, meanwhile, earlier this month told his studio audience, 'Given the opportunity, it's natural to want to imagine [Trump] getting f**ked in the a**' - an assertion that drew both laughs and gasps from the gallery.

He added that such jokes will now be made more often since the former president's convictions for falsifying business records, telling the crowd, 'With all the talk now about Trump possibly going to jail, we've all been doing it.

'I mean, come on, it's Donald Trump!'

Meanwhile, as Maher mentioned on Friday, Trump remains ahead in most polls.

Trump was found guilty of falsifying business records to cover up 'hush money' payments to p*rnstar Stormy Daniels about their extramarital affair to prevent news of it derailing his election campaign.

He also stands accused of urging on the insurrection seen outside the Capitol on January 6, while also facing cases in Georgia,an appeal in Manhattan over the sexual assault case involving E. Jean Carroll, a fraud case in New York, and a DOJ probe into his removal of classified documents from the White House when he left office.

All, as of writing, remain up in the air, with the general election a mere four months away.

Moreover, last month, Maher likened Donald Trump to Garfield the cat - amid speculation over the former president's ability to foot a $454million bill for his fraud appeal next week

Maher said at a point during his opening monologue: 'He's a fat orange p***y who hates Mondays'

Moreover, last month, Maher likened Donald Trumpto Garfield the cat -amid speculation over the former president's ability to foot a $454million bill for his fraud appeal in New York.

'[Trump] is in a few trials going on, and one of them is in New York, because he exaggerated his net worth, how much this property was worth,' the 68-year-old began, first laying out the situation surrounding the fraud case to his audience.

He continued: 'There's a bond he has to pay the fine of $454million and he Trump has the weekend to come up with it.'

He went on to drop the now-viral Garfield bomb, saying the former commander in chief is essentially 'Garfield now.'

Met with whoops and cheers, Maher concluded: 'He's a fat orange p***y who hates Mondays.'

Trump slams 'overrated' Bill Maher and says his show is dead (2024)


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