Grandaire Warranty Lookup (2024)

1. Product Registration - ICP

  • Register all of your new ICP equipment. Please have your serial numbers and installing dealer information available. Click Here. I'm a dealer. Register all ...

  • Register all of your new ICP equipment. Please have your serial numbers and installing dealer information available.

2. Warranty Lookup | Carrier Residential

  • Please enter your serial number to check your warranty coverage. *Enter Your Serial Number Information. *Are you original purchaser?

  • Warranty Lookup

3. Check Warranty - New HVAC Guide

  • click on the logo below for your brand to check your warranty. You will need to have your model and serial numbers. Daikin logo. Trane ...

  • click on the logo below for your brand to check your warranty. You will need to have your model and serial numbers

4. Customer Product Registration - ICP

5. Grandaire HVAC age | Building Intelligence Center

  • 26 jul 2017 · The date of production/manufacture or age of Grandaire® HVAC equipment can be determined from the serial number located on the data plate.

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6. GREE Warranty Lookup

  • Search Warranty by Serial Number · Join our list to get the latest updates from GREE.

  • GREE Warranty Registration Search

7. Suppliers claim "our brand is the same as (insert major manufacturer)"

  • 5 dec 2012 · I go to another who sells GrandAire and claims it is exactly the same as Carrier. Made by Carrier, just a different name. Then I talk to an ...

  • The #1 HVACR Community

8. AHRI Certification - Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute

  • AHRI's globally recognized and industry respected certification program helps equipment and component manufacturers sell more products, win bids, ...

  • Helps equipment and component manufacturers sell more products, win bids, differentiate themselves from competitors, and comply with government requirements.

9. Nortek Global HVAC Warranty Lookup

  • WARRANTY LOOKUP. Warranty Inquiry Lookup. Serial Number: ! Model Number: Mfg. Date: Ship Date: Reg. Date: Install Date: RadDatePicker. RadDatePicker. Open the ...

  • Need Warranty Assistance?

10. Single stage SEER rating BS? - HVAC-Talk

  • 11 jun 2019 · My question to you is why are not changing out the entire system, have 10 year parts warranty on both components? ... You do need to lookup ...

  • The #1 HVACR Community

11. Warranty Lookup - Bryant

  • Please enter your service number to check your warranty coverage. *Enter Your Serial Number Information. How To Find Your Serial Number. * ...

  • Warranty Lookup

12. Warranty Lookup / Submit Claim | Gemaire Distributors

  • Warranty Lookup / Submit Claim. WARRANTY NO PART RETURN. Check Warranty Status. Find Replacement Parts. File ...


13. Warranties And Registration | Luxaire®

  • *Lifetime compressor and heat exchanger limited warranties, Complete Assurance Limited Warranty ... Register or Lookup Warranty. For Your Home. Residential ...

  • Our home comfort systems include factory-backed warranties, because we know true comfort is more than a feeling.

14. Warranty Registration | Luxaire®

  • See a full list of warranties and information on what happens if they are not registered here. ... Need to lookup warranty information for a Luxaire® product or ...

  • Nothing is more important to us than your comfort and peace of mind. That's why we back Luxaire® residential systems with industry-leading warranties.

Grandaire Warranty Lookup (2024)


How long is the GrandAire warranty? ›

All GrandAire HVAC equipment is AHRI rated and comes with a 1-Year Advantage Replacement Warranty as well as 10-Year Compressor and Parts Limited Warranties.

How to look up vehicle warranty? ›

Write down the VIN and your mileage. Then, contact a local dealer and provide this information to see if the car is under warranty. You can also use your manufacturer's website if it offers warranty tracking information or check your car's sale paperwork for its in-service date.

How do I find out if my AC is under warranty? ›

Find the serial number on your air conditioning unit and go to the manufacturer's website. Most will have a search feature that allows you to look up user manuals and warranty information based on this number.

What is the warranty on GrandAire parts? ›

From compressors to outdoor coils, GrandAire has you covered. GrandAire products come with a 1-Year Advantage Replacement Warranty, 10-Year Limited Warranty and extended service agreements are available.

Is Grandaire a good AC unit? ›

Reliability and Durability: Grandaire HVAC systems are built to last. They are manufactured using high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability and reliability. This means fewer repairs and a longer lifespan, providing homeowners with peace of mind and reduced maintenance costs over time.

What company makes Grandaire? ›

Grandaire equipment is manufactured for the Baker Distributing Company a wholly owned subsidiary of Watsco, Inc.

Are tires covered under warranty? ›

Some extended vehicle warranties include coverage for the replacement of damaged or worn-out tires. This coverage may apply if your tires meet specific criteria, such as being within a certain age or tread depth limit and if the damage is not due to normal wear and tear.

Does car warranty start from purchase date? ›

As to when it starts, we looked at the warranty fine print for three of the best-selling cars in America, and they all said pretty much the same thing: your new car warranty begins on the day the vehicle is delivered to you by the dealer, or when it is first put into service (say, as a dealer demonstrator).

What does a car warranty cover? ›

Car warranties can cover some or most of the components inside your vehicle, including the engine, electronics and air conditioning systems, and the transmission. They fill in coverage for types of damage not usually covered by insurance, such as: Normal wear and tear.

How long is car AC under warranty? ›

However, most manufacturer warranties only last a certain amount of time or mileage, with most standard factory warranties ending at 3 years or 36,000 miles. If your car's A/C unexpectedly breaks and your manufacturer's warranty expired, then you'll left paying those costly repair bills on your own.

What is not covered under AC warranty? ›

Circ*mstances – A fairly standard exclusion for all warranties is in circ*mstances such as storms, fires, physical destruction, so-called “acts of god”, and electrical surges. Pretty much any circ*mstances other than the normal operating conditions for an HVAC system will be excluded from a manufacturer's warranty.

How long are AC warranties good for? ›

Typically, air conditioning units are covered under warranty for between 12 and 15 years. This means the manufacturer will pay to fix your AC if it stops working during that time. The warranty only remains in effect if you adhere to its terms and conditions.

How long is Grandaire warranty? ›

Factory Warranty of 10 Years on equipment with Registration Online.

Does Carrier make Grandaire? ›

United Technologies ,ICP, or International Comfort Products Corporation, is a subsidiary of Carrier and includes brands such as Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, GrandAire and more. Grandaire is made by United Technologies who also makes Tempstar, Carrier, Bryant and a few other brands.

How to tell the age of a grandaire unit? ›

The date of production/manufacture or age of Grandaire® HVAC equipment can be determined from the serial number located on the data plate.

How long is a typical HVAC warranty? ›

An HVAC manufacturer warranty is an agreement that the manufacturer of a product will cover any necessary repairs and replacements within a specific period of time. Most manufacturer warranties cover defective parts for up to 10 years, but will not extend to labor or installation costs.

What HVAC company has the best warranty? ›

HVAC Manufacturer Warranty

Details of the warranty will vary depending on the provider, but this type of HVAC warranty generally covers manufacturing defects and related repairs. Some HVAC manufacturers with the best warranty coverage are Daikin, Goodman, Amana, Day & Night, KeepRight, Maytag, Heil, and Tempstar.

Is Grandaire the same as Carrier? ›

United Technologies does make Carrier and Grand Aire along with a couple of other labels. They are made in the same factories, but with different parts. The cheap parts are the same, but the expensive parts are drastically different.

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